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Based on the EU policies related to the recognition of qualifications, EUPA's main objective is to develop a model for the recognition + validation of the qualifications of the sector of personal assistants based on learning outcomes.

EUPA consists of several steps through which the qualification framework is developed, based on research that identifies the importance of different learning outcomes. An assessment tool is also developed to assess the knowledge, skills and competences of PAs. Additionally training modules are designed and develop for different learning outcomes. Main deliverables will be in Greek, English, Swedish, Slovak.

The objectives will be achieved through an innovative methodology where assessment is performed before and after the training of different target sectors. EUPA will raise awareness on the issue of qualifications recognition for low activity countries(GR,CY,SK) while it will develop assessment and methodological tools, materials etc to support the recognition of qualifications

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Our partner and friend John Konrad is no longer with us

Press Release on EUPA project finalization (SK)

Eupa Qualification framework promoted to the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus by CCCI

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EUPA: Fifth steering committee meeting
11/07/2012  (Nicosia Cyprus)

Conference for personal assistants and executives secretaries: From level 2 to level 5
10/07/2012 08:15 - 14:00  (Cyprus Hilton Park)

Presentation of EUPA Qualification Framework at Cyprus Chamber of Commerce
25/04/2012  (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, Nicosia)


Conference for personal assistants and executives secretaries: From level 2 to level 5

The final conference took place in Cyprus on the 10th of July 2012. The conference duration was 7 hours.

Speakers of the conference were representatives from the consortium as well as other experts in the area of personal assistants and...


EUPA Assessment tool (second assessment) EN

This is the final version of the EUPA Assessment tool as it was used during the second assessment. This final version of the assessment tool enables the assessment of all 37 learning outcomes of the qualification framework that has been developed.

EUPA Qualification Framework in English Levels 2,3,4 and 5 (Brochure) (EN)

A main product of EUPA is the qualification framework.

The qualification framework consists of four level and has been developed in accordance with EQF.
It consists of 21 work areas and 166 learning outcomes.

The qualification...


EUPA Trainer's Guide

A guide for trainers available in the English language (however all training materials are available in Greek and Slovak also).

The objective of this guide is to help the trainer to use the training materials developed by EUPA. This guide is a...


EUPA: Project Findings, results and conclusions

This report is a very significant deliverable of EUPA because it presents the whole project but most importantly it presents the methodology for the analysis of the results, the results and the conclusions of EUPA as well as possible areas of...

Training Curriculum for personal assistants level 2 (EUPA)

The curriculum and training materials for level 2 have been developed by EUPA. Level 2 consists of 21 training modules (one for each unit) and 40 methodological tools. Training materials have been translated in Greek and Slovak (originally...

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